Best SEO Strategies for 2021

May 5, 2021

Best SEO Strategies for 2021

The internet is constantly changing which means that we need to make sure that we change with it. We’ve compiled some of the best SEO strategies to help increase clicks and website traffic for your website this year. 

6 SEO Tips for 2021 

Focus on the User

Put yourself in the shoes of your users and think if they would find your content valuable, what their search intent is, and if your website is easy to use. 

Customer Analytics

While SEO has a lot of focus on driving website traffic, taking time to look at behavioral analytics is proving to be extremely valuable. Analyzing what customers on doing and looking at on your website can tell you how to streamline their visit and how to make them do what you want quicker (think conversions).  

Favicon Optimization

Favicons are the small icons that help users recognize a business that appears on mobile search results. Having a visible and easily identifiable favicon is an easy way to increase your click-through rate and build brand awareness.  

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions have always been a part of SEO strategies, but it’s important to evaluate them to make sure enough and the right keywords are being used to help searchers find what they’re looking for.  

Updating and Increasing Links

Increase the internal links on your website to lower the bounce rate, and update any old content with new links to make the content more relevant for the user.  

Mobile SEO

SEO is not limited to just a desktop experience and it’s key to make sure your website looks and performs just as well from a mobile device. 

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            Best SEO Strategies for 2021