10 Tips for Effective Landing Page Design in 2022

Effective Landing page design is essential to the success of your online marketing plan. Learn how to beat the averages with our proven tips

February 7, 2022

Top 10 Tips for Effective Landing Page Design in 2022

Effective Landing page design is essential to the success of your online marketing plan. The greater number of targeted well designed landing pages has proven time and time again to be effective at getting a much greater response rate than a traditional web page.

What is the purpose of a landing page?

The purpose of a landing page is

  1. To have it targeted to the prospect’s interest
  2. Focused on one topic
  3. Make it visually appealing
  4. Generate a high response and conversion
  5. Monitor the source of the traffic
  6. Track the traffic demographics and patterns

Landing pages come in innumerable forms, you can choose one that speaks to your brand and value proposition.

The 10 Tips for An Effective Landing Page in 2022.

Stick to only one topic.

Always keep the focus on the one thing your viewers want to read. Keep the graphics, any videos, infographics or artwork centered around the chosen topic. Once you have achieved this, pick a single call to action or offer to attract your clients. A pretty slick trick is to stand 6-ft from the laptop and review the landing page design. If you cannot tell the call to action or share what your landing page has to depict, you know you have to work on modifying it. Also, you can do something similar on mobile devices as well to see if there is a clear and precise call to action. (CTA)

Another tip is to ask a friend or a team member to look at it from a distance for the first time. If they don’t get it, the landing page design is too complicated.  An effective landing page sticks to one thing only. Be it a purchase. Be it capturing an email. Whatever your call to action. Stick only to that one task. If you need your process to have multiple steps, create another Landing page or a flow-through page to keep the process moving.

Guide your viewers to the next step.

Call to actions are a natural next step to attract clients. If you are capturing information of subscribers or prospects, automate a thank you email that can add an additional touch point for your clients. If you have an offer, upselling or cross selling may lead to greater sales as this is a play on the viewer’s psyche to keep them engaged with you and leave an impression in their mind. Try to keep your sales loops open for them to come back to you. You can run email campaigns or newsletters to always stay top of mind for your customers.

Always put a tracker.

Tracking as much data is the key to knowing where you stand and how to improve. Guessing at success carries a lot of risk and in most cases little or no reward. By tracking the data from those who visit you, this allows you to monitor your success as well as the knowledge on how to adjust to make improvements. You can track the:

  • Demographics:  age, gender, hobbies
  • Geography:  location
  • Device Choices:  laptop, mobile, tablet
  • Behavior:  Page views, hobbies, interests

When you developed your website, there might have been a feeling like “it is done”. Almost like there is a conclusion that does not require more work. With Landing pages, this cannot be the case. There must always be adjustments as new data comes forth. As the data comes forth, you are prepared to make smarter decisions thus leading to lower advertising costs and greater results.

Know how your audience will find you.

If they can’t find you they can’t buy from you. It’s that simple. A Keyword research report with monthly volume and competition levels is essential to beating your industry averages. For instance, don’t go after the difficult words. You will spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to compete against companies with million dollar advertising budgets. Focus on a niche or a series of keywords that have lower competition levels and will convert more quickly.

Pretty on top, SEO friendly at the bottom

The primary goal of a landing page is simply to center around 1 action. all images, videos and content needs to be centered around that one task. Anything that takes away from that will hurt your numbers and averages. However, you could have the best looking landing page and if no one sees you, what good is it. In the past, many advertising companies would ignore any form of optimization or SEO on a landing page design.

This however meant that you were always at the mercy of the pay-per-click agencies that promoted that page for you. With recent Google changes, and other search engines. A non optimized page will cost you more per click than one that is optimized to your target audience. So what is the solution? We at Martek use this saying all the time. Pretty on top, Optimized at the bottom.

The top half where 96% of all your audience dwells needs to center around your one call to action. Therefore, it needs to be flashy, using limited word content to only the main keyword and power words that instigate an action. Then what do you do at the bottom. Make your lower half to look like a questions and answers forum. You can even use an accordion effects or click down signs to expand on only that section. That way it is still visually pleasing to the eye.

Use a landing page for each demographic or campaign.

Segment down to the lowest possible level. The closer you get to the type of viewer that visits your landing page design, the higher you engage them and the higher conversion numbers you will get. In our industry we measure this by what is call a CTA or click through average. The more the landing page design is tailored to the individual, the more they feel that you are providing a service directly for them. Of course this is not possible to create one landing page for everyone. Therefore, create different landing pages for each campaign category. Of course it is more work up front but the rewards will pay off in the end.

Tailor the Landing Page Design for your audience not to yourself

When you design a home page, this is an extension of who you are. Who you want to be. We get this. With a landing page design, the whole purpose is to engage the audience to the way they want to see it. In a way that engages them the most. One of the biggest problems we run into with landing page design is that it is impossible to provide all the data that the viewer should see or know about. Think of it like a billboard on the highway. You have very little time to engage an audience while they are driving at highway speeds. The Internet at times can even be faster than that. If the viewer clicks on your landing page, You have less than 3 seconds before they make up their mind to continue on with the process or click off.

There is no way you can provide all the details and disclosures of the complexity of your service in that time We always recommend a Disclosure page to your website with a no follow tag. This is the page where the lawyers or the Lawyer in you can disclose every little detail that is needed. Sometimes a disclosure page can also be known as a terms and conditions page with a check box on the landing page. The reason we suggest a no follow tag on your disclosure page is because the page is never able to be Optimized. especially if there is a lawyer involved. No follow means that you are telling Google and the other search engines to no rank that page nor penalize your entire site based on that page. You are telling the Bots that crawl your website not to follow that page.

Follow the Data and update.

We hinted to this tip already but we cannot emphasize it enough. The data shows trends and patterns. You then make educated adjustments instead of a guess in the dark. When you make a pure guess, of course the risk for failure is much higher. When you look at the data and follow the information, then you can make educated guesses with a much lower risk of loss or failure. Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. Data reveals information that can be a complete opposite of what you thought. This is a good thing. In addition, why continue down a road that continues to fail. Why would you keep doing it and hoping for a different result. This rarely, if ever happens.

A/B test often

Data is often measured through something called CTA or click through average. This is the percent of people who actually click on your landing page. Or go to the checkout. it is always based on a law of percentages. There is no landing page design that will ever capture 100%. It is not possible. However, there are reports on industry averages that we use to see how we fare with the competition. We constantly use this as a basis to see how well we at Martek can beat the average. When at a crossroads, or 2 ways to advertise because we are unsure about what is better.  We run what is called an A/B test. This allows us to test each page for a period of time and then measure the results against each other based on the data and sales we have collected.

For example, let’s say we actually have a good landing page that produces. On the other hand there is an idea that might make it even better. Well it would be foolish to revamp the whole thing because it is working. The risk is too high. Instead, set up a test on 5% – 10% of the traffic and measure it against the number of the pages that is already working. Therefore, you minimize risk and actually see if the idea pans out.

Track every step of the Sales Funnel not just the landing page.

First of all, it is wise to know the source. Where did the person come from who landed on your page. Secondly, you need to follow the sales funnel path along the process. Therefore, use link tracers like Google or Linktree in order to trace every step. Instead of using the direct link to the landing page, the link tracker can auto redirect from to the landing page but track the source of the click. Sometimes you will see that viewers saw you 3 – 5 times before they even clicked on your landing page. This is not uncommon at all. In Conclusion, effective landing page design is a key fundamental to success in todays internet world. therefore, we at Martek have trained Marketing experts that can coach you. Thus leading you to the path of great success.

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