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What kind of wordpress website design services do we offer?

  • Easy one-click set up
  • Unmetered page views/visitors
  • Free CDN & subdomains
  • Tailored to match your brand
  • WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce
  • Staging environment
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Custom website design and coding
  • Logo and Branding designs
  • Built-in Google Analytics
  • Free migrations
  • Malware Scanning
  • SEO optimized with keywords and key phrases
  • Content management and payment systems

Take advantage of responsive design

Scale to the size of whatever screen your site is being viewed on—mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Search engine optimized

Ensure that your site follows all of Google’s latest requirements so that customers can easily find you.

Integrate your social profiles

Connect your social media profiles for higher traffic volume and consistent branding.

Maximize your conversions

Use large buttons, integrated coupons, and engaging images that provide clear calls to action for your customers.

Edit content without worrying about code

Update and publish content without any coding knowledge through our intuitive dashboard.

Create custom content

Work with us to build your vision on how you want your site to look and feel.

Do you offer Custom Website design?

Yes, we offer custom website design to fit your needs. We offer a both template-based and custom website tailored to your needs.

Custom websites are unique and built with custom code. This adds additional timeline and costs. We will present all the options and you can choose your preferred package Therefore, our expert services will utilize what is code that is already available and then write additional custom code as needed.

Our company website design branding and logo services

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. And with the short attention span of those who visit your website, it is even more important to capture their attention. Our media branding and Logo team have the experience and training to capture the attention of your visitors quickly.

  • We can either use the images in the videos that you provide to us.
  • We can purchase images on your behalf with royalty rights.
  • We can customize images that your company will then own.
  • Design a company Logo that represents you and your brand image. We are artistic enough to properly represent you, yet simple enough to look good on any device that your viewers use.
Features Express Pro
Number of Backups 2 Unlimited
Access to the WordPress dashboard
Access to phpMyAdmin
Access to STP
Free SSL Certificate
PHP Logs
Staging Environment
Connect to Google Analytics
Custom Domains
Create staging from backup

What is your smooth flow process for a personal or company website design?

We offer a smooth flow service for your company website design. Here are the steps to complete your website in a timely and professional manner


Step 1 - Consultation

Our professional website design company desires to meet and exceed every one of your expectations. We first have you meet with a dedicated senior project manager. Every one of our Senior Project manager’s has worked their way up through different steps of the process and are fully trained and experienced to not only listen to your needs, but also to ask the right questions on issues you may not have even thought of yet. We require that every Senior project manager is also trained and experienced in digital online marketing services. Therefore, you will have a dedicated point-of-contact that will operate the entire team for you.

Step 2 - SEO and competitor research

We all know proper research and preparation are essential for success. In sports, there is a common saying that “success and luck happens to the prepared”

Our SEO experts look at:

  • Detailed research on how your traffic will search for you.
  • What the top competitors in your field use to draw web traffic.
  • If you choose to advertise your website online, we will identify for you the best ad placement for your budget
  • What it will take for your website to dominate your market share.
Step 3 - Framework
Generally in an easy to view spreadsheet form, we identify all the key categories, pages, posts, products, or whatever else needs to be added to your website. We want to make sure the website framework is solid so that the design team has a clearer picture to make your website exactly as you envisioned it.
Step 4 - Website Design
There are many aspects to the design of your website. Each and every page tailored properly:

  • Content
  • Images
  • Video
  • Databases and interactive pages
  • Security
  • Coding
  • Speed
  • And so on…

At Martek, we have a team that carefully builds each and every page. Creating images or video or artwork as you see fit in order to motivate the audience to take the next step, or your next client.

Step 5 - Copy
Professional website design copy is so much more than just a spell check. It is about making sure it is easy to read:

  • To make sure the words are not too aggressive or too passive.
  • Are there Power words that instill a desire to create an actionable event from the viewer.
  • Is the image size just right and properly placed.
    The copy phase might have some back and forth to make sure it is exactly as you desired your website to be.
Step 6 - Testing
Our rigorous testing process goes through every page, every link, every database, to make sure it is free from errors or a bad user experience from their clients.
Step 7 - Go Live
Woohoo, the big day. What a relief we see in our clients as well to see their wishes fulfilled. Truly this day is also very big for us too. We may have to share in the celebration if you let us.
Step 8 - Post launch marketing and Social Media
Many of us remember the movie Field of Dreams and the message that was in it “If you build it, they will come.” Many people also feel the same way once they finish their website. Unfortunately, the internet is way too saturated for that.

We see many wonderful looking websites from clients who come to us. The website is solid, it even looks good on both a laptop or a mobile device. But when people search for them, their website category is at the bottom of the list of over 10 million other websites in the same category.

We are the WordPress website design company that dominates the search engines (SEO)

Our Digital online marketing team and Social Media Team offer the solutions you seek. Our experienced SEO experts have helps clients get on the 1st page of google on over 25,000 keywords and counting. We know what it takes to turn your dream into a reality.

What is WordPress? In short it is a content management system that is used by over 65% of the websites on the market. It is known for its speed, flexibility, and easy to use interfaces that work with almost every computer language.

Do you have a website design portfolio?

Yes. We have done work for Fortune 500 companies to a small one person local business. Our professional team has over 25 years of website design experience, therefore we have the expertise, the strength and the knowledge to complete the type of website that you need. Add to the fact that we have marketing experts with over 35+ years of marketing experience. (future internal link to marketing)

We can provide a sample of our portfolio link here. (future internal  link- for now can we create a portfolio page with links to our existing clients and an image to their website)

We will prove to you we are the best in personal and company website design services!

Safety with Google Cloud Platform

Website Pro leverages the Google Cloud Platform to offer cutting edge, scalable infrastructure. With google website hosting, your infrastructure, server provisioning, and network configurations are managed automatically so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Host your site with the best servers in the world.

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