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Clubhouse: Everything You Need To Know About The New Social Platform

The Clubhouse app is the newest social platform that is expected to make a big name for itself. The app is described as a “drop-in audio app” which essentially means no videos and minimal text and images. This leaves it as something between a podcast and a conference room. Quick Stats about Clubhouse:
  • Joined the App Store in September 2020
  • 2 Million Weekly Users
  • Invite Only
  • iOS – only
Due to Clubhouse being so new and exclusive, here are some steps to get you started.

Track down an Invitation

Joining Clubhouse requires an invitation. You can get one either through a friend or colleague that has a spare, or you can sign up for the waitlist after downloading the app.

Create your Profile

The profiles on the app are much more minimal compared to those on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to include a profile picture, as this is the only image you’ll have on the platform. Similarly, your bio that is a few short sentences is the only text you’ll be using. Make sure to add the links to your Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Expand your Network

Follow people from your contacts lists, influencers, thought leaders, and other users with similar interests to your own. By following people on Clubhouse you’ll be notified when they start a room and it allows you to invite them to start a room with you.

Start or Join a Room

Rooms are spaces where people gather to talk and can be public or private. Within rooms, there are three roles for users: moderator, listener, or speaker.

Start or Join a Club

Clubs are interest, identity, or industry-focused groups, and are essentially a conversation series that the creator curates. However, each user can only create one club so make sure it’s relevant before you start yours.

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