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Digital Advertising: 10 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Ad Budget

General Tips

  • 1. Know what Business Objectives you’re Trying to Accomplish
2. Test your Ads
  • Test different posts to see which ones perform best with smaller audiences and then utilize the top performing posts in the primary campaign.
3. Use Clear Calls to Action
  • Paid advertising only goes so far, always include a call to action. If you don’t tell your audience what to do, then they won’t do it.
4. Measure Results
  • Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you want to closely measure at the beginning of your ad campaign, then at the end of the campaign analyze those KPIs to see if your goals were reached.
5. Know your Target Audience
  • It’s not worth it to continuously be spending money on platforms that your target audience isn’t on. If you’re not sure what platforms are best for your business, test posts on each platform, then only continue posting on those with the best results.
6. Let your Organic Posts Inform your Ads
  • See what organic posts are resonating with your followers. These posts are the best to promote if they’re already performing well organically.
7. Know What you Want: Engagement vs Impressions
  • Know if engagement or impressions are more important to you. They can both be valuable but choose the one that aligns closest with your goals and the campaign.

Google Ads Tips

8. Optimize your Landing Page
  • Once you get an ad click don’t lose that prospect because you have a poorly set up landing page. The landing page is part of converting a prospect into a customer.
9. Optimize Negative Keywords
  • Specifying what keywords don’t align with your product or service is a powerful tool that helps prevent ads from showing on keyword searches that don’t match your target customers.
10. Adjust Bids for Geotargeting
  • Review which areas have the most engagement and prioritize spending in those areas. This applies regardless if your product or service isn’t dependent on a physical location. Prevent ads from showing in areas that have a low conversion rate and reallocate spending to areas that have high conversion rates.

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