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Why is a Dynamic Website Beneficial for Churches Today?

Dynamic websites are now becoming essential for churches, allowing them to reach a broader audience, better engage with their congregation, and allow religion to be more accessible than ever. For starters, 70% of churchgoers are now online and will continue to stay there even after COVID-19 passes; showing that it is not only important to create an online presence but to continue and maintain even after this pandemic ends, as a new normal has been created. Have you made the necessary changes to accommodate your online parish?

By creating an online presence through a dynamic website, it allows churchgoers the flexibility and convenience to attend services that they would otherwise have missed. Does your website have the capabilities to stream live events or be accessible to your entire audience? By maintaining a strong online presence and utilizing live streaming technology for events, it will create a much broader reach to new visitors, as well as to those who may have lapsed in their practice.

Attracting and engaging millennials has also been a challenge for churches, with only 42% of millennials regularly attending church, the lowest of any generation. Churches that can maintain an online presence and actively engage with millennials, provide millennials an opportunity to continue their practice on a platform they are comfortable with, as well as a community for them to continuously connect with and stay active.

Having an online presence has also proved to be incredibly beneficial for churches, with an increase of 3.3% in donations since 2019, equating to $131.5 billion. Websites provide an additional platform and opportunity for supporters to connect and donate to your church.

It is essential for churches to become a part of and continue this digital marketing wave and build their online presence through a dynamic website. Are you and your church ready to be a part of a digital transformation to elevate to the next level?

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