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Why Every Local Restaurant Need Websites and Social Media:

You have not eaten in hours. All you can think about is that juicy burger you just ordered. From a distance, you see your waiter with your plate. Your mouth starts watering. As he sits down your plate, you are about to take your first bite. But oh wait! How can you forget you have to take a picture of your delicious burger in your new favorite trendy spot?

We are all guilty of this; we take pictures of our food and post them on Instagram and Facebook. Not only so we can get our friends and family to know where we are at but to give that new spot more attention. Over the last couple of years, I have learned that promoting on websites and social media for local businesses helps bring new customers in. Over 67% are likely to buy on mobile-friendly sites. Google research even shows that 72% of consumers want a mobile-friendly website for easy navigation.
People want to know what is hot, what’s new, and what has good reviews. You post a picture in a new coffee shop on your Instagram and immediately your friends are talking about “Did you see that cute vintage coffee shop Sara went to? I saw it on her Instagram, we should go!” Later that day Sara will go to her friend’s Instagram and notice that her friend tagged the coffee shop. BOOM! She scrolls through their page and see how pleasing their aesthetic and ambiance is. Sara is now intrigued to go to that coffee shop. Small businesses have a huge advantage by having an attractive site.

With the pandemic, consumers have taken to the online experience to the next level. The website does not only have to be aesthetically pleasing but it’s important to share key information like the menu, hours, and reservations.
Websites and Social Media can help you not only create brand awareness but to set yourself apart from others. 87% of the world’s population is using smart-mobile devices, so, as a local restaurant, getting in front of your mobile customers increases your chance of conversion by a bigger factor.

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